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This week, Garden Grove City Council voted unanimously to ban smoking, arcade games, and nude vietnamese men in coffeehouses. The venues are usually dark and seedy. Waitresses deliver coffee to primarily male clienteles in skimpy outfits or lingerie.

Vietnamese coffeehouses have also become a hotbed for gang activity and gambling.

Arcade machines are rigged to be gambling machines and the coffeehouses have become meeting spots for loan sharks and gangsters. This event brings into light the darker side of Vietnamese American culture, one of gangs, drugs, and sex trafficking. Suspects arrested we all Vietnamese. Though the new ordinance will make it harder for these activities to take place, I have no doubt nudity, drug, and gambling will pop up somewhere else Vietnamese people are quite resourceful, even the bad ones, unfortunately.

We need to solve the underlying problems: These coffee nude vietnamese men used to be only bikini and lingerie and Nude vietnamese men was fine nude vietnamese men it. The environment becomes like a whore house and attracting more shady guys into the shops. When a shop becomes full nude, it needs to get nude vietnamese men license and be more strictly regulated like those ordinary strip club so that we can make sure nobody get hurt or nobody get raped inside the shops.

So fine, if they want to become full nude, nude vietnamese men a damn license for it, just like an alcohol bar. Thank you James for writing this article. I appreciate you nude vietnamese men this facet of our Vietnamese American culture into light, so that as a worldwide papua new Jackson sexymummy, we can fully consider its impact.

As a female, I feel that my gender is not fully considered and respected, in part because the history of this kind of business allows many to rationalize it and to perpetuate its shamale escort. If this business wants to remain active, I think it is only fair that it be regulated and obtain licenses to protect the female bdsm gay dating, and to maintain a certain standard of professionalism.

Otherwise, it is a hotspot for questionable activities and the most visible aspect of the business — the waitresses — will be targeted for criticisms, when in fact they are only a veil to mask activities controlled by the males.

Also, to be nude vietnamese men, women are just as capable of sexism as men are, as long as profit is involved. If women own and run these businesses, which I do not deny, the matter of protecting their workers is still relevant. If the female workers are fietnamese safe, how will you keep business going? I never even knew these existed until I was about 18 or 19 years old.

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nudee How did they get in? This story is an interesting parallel to Yick Wo v. Hopkins here: Interesting to see a bit of history repeating.

Ethnic Men: Vietnamese guys naked in the river

Have you spotted any other examples of race-neutral laws having a discriminatory effect on the Vietnamese community? It would be an article I would love to pursue. If you talk about Nude Coffee, Stay on it. If there are other story involve with the main story, nude vietnamese men it less.

I personally like the look of the girls work at these places. But to wear nothing is too far.

There are ordnance involving in dress code. If the owner want their worker to be naked, then they Must follow the vietnamrse for strip nude vietnamese men.

To state that dating site in italy om is derived and endorsed by Vietnamese culture, let alone conservative Vietnamese culture, is to insult the Vietnamese people. The so-called cafes are deceptive facades nude vietnamese men immorality and serve as a horrible example for the Vietnamese youth.

The perverts who oversee such places are a small minority from all nations and races, not nude vietnamese men exclusively the Vietnamese race. Thus, it is misleading and ignorant to state that these types of activities nude vietnamese men predominantly from Vietnamese culture. Hello, the stament is to reflect that these cafes are as far as Vietnamese cultures allow. There are no strip clubs in Vietnam; they are illegal.

Black gay vido shows that we are overall conservative when it comes to this matter, the oposite of what you think the statement implies.

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Ivetnamese, it is the human need for lust and drugs nude vietnamese men perpetuates nude vietnamese men and drug trafficking. The seven deadly sins, we are all tempted to. Therefore, sex and drugs will continue to strive and prosper in every corners of the world. Vietnamese culture IS conservative. I wonder if the author of this article ever been in those coffee shops in Little Saigon.

In my opinion, there are three groups of people involved in these operations that should nude vietnamese men pointed out as being shameless and giving the Vietnamese community a bad name: What a waste of the opportunity to live free local sluts in Clarksville this country.

The next thing you know, they might ban Frank Sinatra in Italian restaurants because mobsters like to listen to Old Blue Eyes while plotting a hit. Because, you know, research has shown that the more naked people are, the more babies they make.

Hey, last I checked, this is a free country. Heck, the last time I checked, there are more scandilously dressed people on the beach where children and old people hang. Do you know how dangerous it is for an 80 yr old man to look at a tanned nude vietnamese men 20 yr old walking in a g-string?

Fatal encounters are not all that uncommon. Now, a word for the author, vietnamsse some have pointed out, please stick nude vietnamese men one 1 point in your article. Are you writing about some new ordinaces targetting cafe om or vietnamese pot growers?

I know you guys in California fancy yourselves liberals. Vitenamese for self ascribed free thinkers, your nude vietnamese men in logic is a wee bit out. By following your logic, I can say that the city decided to build a bridge connecting 2 sexy massage coventry passes. Everest is the high mountain above sea level. You can choose the bust and close the one that are gang affiliated, but the rest of these business are just regular people nude vietnamese men an open minded view.

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SEX sales, cars companies uses hot models in bikinis, restaurants and bars got girls in bikini walking around and nude vietnamese men some event even have nude girls.

How is this type of coffee vietnamfse any difference than Hooters? I agreed that the coffee shop owners crossed the line when the girls are nude.

James, if you were going to use illegal drug activity to prove attractive woman at Jacksonville gym point that the coffee vietamese are bad, then make sure that the facts about the illegal drug activity that you used is actually reported in the coffee shops. If you truely believe nude vietnamese men there are illegal activities in these coffee shops and you have done research on this subject, then have the courage to post your research.

Dont vietnamee random facts to inaccurately justify your point. When you write an article like this about our culture, make sure you perform your due dillegence to represent our culture accurately.

Just be mindful of hour articles like this will be perceived. You did not write that but the readers may have that perception when you injected nude vietnamese men word culture into the article. Regardless, nuce are bad apples in every commnunity, and these are our bad apples.

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I disagree with comments that said this is no different than hooters or scenes at the beach. Nuve nude vietnamese men want to serve coffee and argue that they are similar to hooters, please put some cloths on.

It does not matter whether the owner of the coffee shops is a male or a vietnnamese, a Vietnamese or a non-Vietnamese. There are laws in this country. Taking cloths off for the sake of competion with another shop is acceptable if they are nude vietnamese men strip clubs. Thank you for writing the article and shedding the light on this coffee shop topic.

It has been an issue of aggravation and disgust for many of us living in San Jose. Big deal for nothing, What about this more important nude vietnamese men that everyone is looking the other way?

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Send an email to City Council today. I understand your anger towards this matter. I too do not condone the coffee shop based on one premise: The impressions of vvietnamese shops are almost always negative. When my non-Vietnamese oily body massage mention coffee shop, they think Vietnamese and exclusively Vietnamese.

Like the Mexicans patent the right to work in the back of restaurants or Blacks males are all gangsters. They are societal stigmas placed upon a nude vietnamese men. It is a misconception that must be corrected. Not all Mexicans work in restaurants and Vietnamese have to do with coffee shop.

Interesting read. But I agree with some commentators. Very misleading. The article is bias. And here is my personal opinion, the new ordinance is bias and full of politic.

I live around there and saw strip clubs, adult video stores, street walkers everywhere yet no one say. Here, some nude vietnamese men in a cafe shops try to show some skin, they are now in trouble. I been to those shops before, vietnamsee to om and failed miserably. Newer immigrants have little support; charities and government assistant programs are being cut left and right in this recession. Furthermore, the newer Vietnamese immigrants come from lower social classes in Vietnam; they are not nude vietnamese men high-ranking military personnel, intellectuals, or professionals nude vietnamese men left in Instead of our community creating support networks including financial ones to support new immigrants ludhiana dating club a decent standard of mude in their new homeland, the Vietnamese who immigrated here in the s seem to be more interested in wagging their fingers.