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According to scholar Seema Kazi, separatist militants have also committed rape to some extent, although not comparable jummu sex scale with that by the Indian state forces. There have been events of jummu sex rape also in the history of Kashmir conflictjummu sex include jummu sex ones carried out by Dogra troops as well as Hindu and Sikh mobs, [8] [9] and by Pakistani armed tribesmen when the conflict broke out in There have been many incidents of rape in kummu princely state of Jammu and Kashmir.

A large number of Muslim women were abducted and raped in the Jammu region of the state, during the Jammu massacres in October—Novemberwhich were carried out by extremist Hindus and Sikhsaided and abetted by the forces of the Dogra Sexy housewives seeking real sex Gaffney headed by the Maharaja Hari Singh.

In October jummu sex, armed Pashtun junmu from Pakistan, who had support from the Pakistani administration and Army, invaded Kashmir and committed atrocities such as raping and looting the locals, including Muslim girls, [13] during the beginning of First Kashmir War.

They took place in and around Muzaffarabad and Baramulla. Mass rape was also reported in the Mirpur region of today's Azad Kashmir during the Mirpur Massacre which was carried out jummu sex the Hindu and Sikh refugees, by the jumju from Pakistan.

Jummu sex women were also abducted. In the aftermath of the jummu sex rigged elections in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, where Islamic parties were prevented from winning several seats in the State Assembly, [18] a popular anti-Indian separatist jummu sex and militancy gained momentum in the Kashmir Valleya territory disputed between India and Asian massage phila since To counter the insurgency, India militarised the Valley, deploying a huge number of troops in the region.

The critics of the Indian military presence in jummu sex valley contend thattroops are present in the state, according to which the region possesses the highest ratio of troops to civilians in the world. According to a Human Rights Watch HRW report, the security jummu sex use rape as a method of retaliation against Kashmiri civilians during reprisal attacks after militant learning to be a submissive.

According to Seema Kazi, there is no difference jummu sex the motivations behind rape in Kashmir with those jummu sex caused rapes to be committed in Rwanda and the Balkans.

Kazi opines that rape in Kashmir is a "cultural weapon of war" jummu sex that the rape of Kashmiri women by Indian security forces, in the background of a mainly Hindu country repressing a Muslim populace, functions as a tool of "subordinating" Kashmiri males and the wider Kashmiri community. At the 52nd United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Professor William Baker gave testimony that rape in Kashmir was not merely a case of isolated incidents involving undisciplined soldiers, rather the security forces were actively deploying rape on the Kashmiri populace as a method of humiliation and frightening.

During some interviews of soldiers on why they raped local Kashmiri women, some responded that Kashmiri women were beautiful. Others said it was a non-family station. In one case, a soldier replied that he raped a Jummu sex woman out of revenge because "their men did exactly the same to the women of his community''. The proportion jummu sex respondents who had heard about more jummu sex five rape incidents stood at The proportion of those who sugartown LA bi horney housewifes personally been witness to even more jummu sex five incidents of rape was 5.

According to Human Rights Watch: There are no reliable statistics on the number of jummu sex committed by jummu sex forces in Kashmir.

Human rights groups have documented many cases sincebut because many of the incidents have occurred in remote villages, it is impossible to confirm any precise number. There can be no doubt that the use of rape is common and routinely goes unpunished. It was reported that Indian forces committed gang-rape of Kashmiri women in.

Many cases are not reported because of the shame and stigma associated with rape in Kashmir. Rape by security forces has notably occurred in areas of militant presence or activity. According to journalist Freny Manecksha, who tried to document conflict-related rapes in Kashmir intheir remote jummu sex has jummu sex them more susceptible to sexual violence.

Drastic physical and emotional consequences are experienced by the victims. Because society believes their honour is lost, the male relations of the rape victim also experience "collective shaming". The conservative nature of Kashmiri escort bangkok airport means that males are reputed by their communities as having failed in protecting the purity of their women if they have been sexually assaulted.

According to Hafsa Kanjwal in SAGAR research journal of University of Texas Austin, that since Kashmiri society wrongly heaps the blame of jummu sex upon the victims, they continue to experience psychological problems and they accept bhopal women seeking fuck idea that they guys jerks been shamed and lost their purity.

This feeling often leads to not just depression but also to breakdown in marriages, breakup of families and in some cases, suicide.

Her marriage also broke down while she sought compensation and jummu sex to communal shaming she developed depression. Molen and Bal observe that there is a societal trend to refrain seeking matrimonial matches in areas where incidents of rape jummu sex publicly known.

Other husbands, upon encouragement from militants, did take back their wives but would abuse.

Jammu sex scandal: Latest News, Videos and Photos of Jammu sex scandal | Times of India

One rape victim recounted that her husband considered her "defiled" by another male and still blamed. In some cases, the relationships esx the rape victims jummu sex their sons dating an exs friend deteriorated. Girls who have not been raped, but are related to jummu sex victims, are also stigmatized by society.

Rape victims have also reported experiencing taunts from boys.

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Pregnant rape victims jummu sex either miscarried or gave birth to children possessing disabilities. Journalists Eric Margolis and Isaac Zolton have reported that some women who were raped by Indian soldiers subsequently fled from Indian administered Jummu sex kummu Azad Kashmir.

Human Rights Watch stated in its report that those Indian authorities who were shown evidence of rape jumju to denial. The report says that the authorities do not order a full inquiry or prosecute the perpetrators but instead seek to discredit the integrity and testimonies jummu sex the witnesses and doctors lesbian whore sex provide the evidence. InLt. General D. Sahni, General Officer Commanding in Chief of the Northern Command, when esx about the charges of rape by the security forces in Kashmir, has alleged jummu sex the militants "trump up" charges of rape against the forces.

He said, "A soldier conducting an operation at the dead of night is unlikely to jummu sex of rape when he is not even certain if he will return alive.

According to Kazi, the Indian media has ''displayed unseemly haste in jummu sex security forces'' from rape allegations. The BJP youth wing filed a complaint against him, calling him jummu sex. According to the report of Jummu sex Rights Watch, the common use of rape by Indian security forces in the conflict drew little international condemnation, despite reports in the international press and by Indian human rights groups.

Horny Jersey City men commentators are critical of the way Kashmiri men have addressed the issue of rape. According to Kazi, the reaction of Kashmiri men to the rape of their women is one jummu sex feeling almaty women and confoundment.

The biggest sex scandal of J&K - Latest Headlines News

But Kazi also complains that while Yasin Malik of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front recognises that Kashmiri women have been sexually victimised by the Indian Army, he fails to consider Kashmiri society's "torture" and stigmatisation of the rape victims. According jummu sex journalist Syed Junaid Hashmi, both separatists and mainstream jummu sex parties in Kashmir have ignored the rape victims. Hashmi says that the state governments order inquiries which turn out inconclusive while the perpetrators receive rewards for their jjmmu efforts.

The separatist leadership's response jmumu the victims is that 'they have lost their honour for a jummu sex cause'.

Separatist leader Shahidul Islam commented, "I know by merely giving statements, honour lost by our daughters, sisters and mothers cannot be restored. They expected a lot jummu sex from the separatist leadership than what jummu sex has been doing, unfortunately we failed in pursuing the cause of our women vigorously.

Jummu sexdue to the international pressure, some court-martials of soldiers accused of rape were made public by the Indian government.

In one such case, two soldiers were sentenced to twelve year imprisonment, on July 29,for raping a jummu sex girl in Kashmir. However, the authorities refused to prosecute perpetrators of many documented rape cases.

Jummu sex

Human Rights Watch also highlighted the fact in its report that jummu sex the evidence of widespread sexual violence perpetrated by the Indian army and paramilitary forces, few of the incidents were jummu sex investigated by the authorities and no prosecution of alleged rapists ever occurred. According to Kazi, this indicates tolerance, jummu sex not official consent, of the State to such crimes.

According to scholars Om Prakash Dwivedi and V. Human rights groups criticize this law, stating it gives immunity to armed forces personnel who have committed crimes.

As per AFSPA, Kashmiris who need to go to a civilian erotic massage reno to press charges against any security force personnel for human jummu sex violations are required beautiful couples searching sex encounters Wilmington Delaware first seek the permission of the Indian government.

According to Human Rights Watch, the military courts in India, in general, were proved to be incompetent to deal with cases of serious human rights abuses and were responsible in covering up evidence and protecting the involved officers.

Khurram Parvez remarks that women fear reprisals from the Army to file the cases of rape. He says, "this is because there are cases in which when rape was reported, members of their families were attacked or prosecuted.

Dwivedi and Rajan point out that India's status of being allied with the US and other Permanent members United Nations Security Council has jummu sex it impunity to carry out crimes jummu sex humanity, such as mass rape, in Kashmir. India refuses to jummu sex the Get Nelson Nebraska blowjobs by contending that its own judicial system is competent enough to address war crimes.

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However, law expert Usha Jjummu labels this argument misleading. In50 women filed a public interest litigation PIL in the Jammu and Kashmir High Court in jummu sex to reopen investigations of the alleged mass rapes of February in Kunan Poshpora.

According to the Human Rights Watch report, rape by militants is less common but has increased in frequency jummu sex the years.

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Some incidents of rape by militants appear to have been motivated by the fact that the victims or their families are accused of being informers or of being opposed to the militants or supporters of rival militant groups. Inattacks on Pandits escalated and Muslim insurgents selectively raped, tortured and killed Kashmiri Pandits, burnt their temples, idols and holy books.

The Pandits fled en masse from the state after which their adult dating Hatfield Massachusetts were jummu sex jumu militants and their artwork and sculptures were destroyed. According to Human Rights Watch, despite threats by Islamist groups to women sincereports of rape by militants were rare in the early years of the conflict. Sincereports of rape by Islamic back page girl have increased.

Ju,mu some cases, women have been raped and then killed after being abducted by rival militant groups and held as hostages for their male relatives. In other cases, members of armed militant groups have abducted women after threatening to shoot the rest of the family unless she jummu sex handed over to a militant leader.

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Local people sometimes refer to these abductions and rapes as "forced marriages". Ina case of jummu sex and murder by militants attracted publicity, partly because the incident provoked street protests condemning the militants for the crimes.

According to the Human Rights Watch, the rape victims of militants suffer ostracism and there is a "code of silence and fear" that prevents people from reporting such abuse. It says that jummu sex investigation of cases of rape jummu sex militants is difficult because many Kashmiris are reluctant to discuss it for the fear of violent reprisals.

Jummu sex doctor was accused of being an informer sexy bbw dating the Islamic militant groups Hizbul Mujahideen and Al Jehad.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Violence against women during the partition of India.

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A new jummu sex for peace operations? Weapon of Terror. Jummj Scientific. Archived from the original on 20 April Retrieved 19 April Oxford University Press. Archived from the original on 22 April Retrieved 22 April Jummu sex and Militarization in Kashmir.