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After all, Tumblr houses, like, a lot of porn. Both services aim to help their members find platforms for self-expression, one through pinning images for inspiration, the other through blogging, and both have also had to fight unwanted content on their networks.

For example, both Adult sharing sites and Pinterest recently implemented changes to their Terms of Service banning self-injury and self-harm.

Sadly, adult sharing sites are mostly fashion industry photos, so what can you do? Searches reveal this is still a popular topic for its users. When is a photo art, versus something encouraging a disease?

Plus, all those pictures are tagged with other words that can lead adult sharing sites down the Instagram rabbit hole of shame. To get to the raunchier stuff, you have dig into the tags and accounts of the users posting the images. Pinterest, I first thought, was much cleaner.

But guess what mommies like to post?

I guess women really do prefer recipes and shopping to hot, hot sex? Then I found some other boards.

Oh, I guess not. I mean, really, really NSFW.

Several years ago, that was probably true. No longer are adult sites the majority of the top destinations on the network.

But did it scale on top of porn? Of course it did.

Why is this important? HiFlickr. Look, porn has its place in society, and always. And, yes, some of this stuff adult sharing sites matters.